A Different kind of romance

A Different kind of romance

at Gull photo, there are no rules.


More Than a Photographer

Having been to over 200 weddings, I'm a resource and an experienced professional, ready with advice when you need it, and be in the background when you don't. 

I've taught rooms of men to pin boutonnieres, retaped brides, produced an iPhone cord in clutch moments, carried the bride & groom on my back through water, and firmly told aunt Jeanne that she needs to put her camera down and step in the family photos. Because in the end, you're not hiring just a photographer, you're hiring Tyler.

I'm the easiest decision you'll make since you said "yes!"


To document you and your wedding beautifully and faithfully. When your children's children look at these photographs I want them to think "Wow! That was mom and dad?"

Most people haven't been photographed since high school and the thought of a camera is intimidating to many. However, by the end of our first hour together, whether it's the wedding day or an engagement session, you will be totally at ease.

With camera in hand, I will be your biggest advocate, being with through the most important parts of the day. 


Stop. Think back to when you met. 

There was a uniqueness that made you pause and think “yeah, I'm into that.”

When you create a space for me and allow me to be present in your lives, even for one day, I can capture those looks that made you pause when you first met each other, and the ensuing love that has developed over time. I'll be able to capture it because you won't be able to hide it.

Photo credit © Kristin Marie Parker

Photo credit © Kristin Marie Parker


I was supposed to be a scientist determining the impact of development on the environment. Then I traveled Europe and Asia with a camera. Paris, Bali, Singapore, Rome... all the places that danced in my imagination as a child, I visited them all and I was changed. Fast forward a few years, through my youth, and I finally turned my focus to photographing weddings in 2013. That year, I set out on a path that would define the next years of my life and it's a journey I'm still on. 

Today, I am a full-time photographer in Greenwood, Seattle. Weddings still make up most of my work, but weddings far from the only thing I photograph. I also shoot head shots, companies, food, senior portraits, families, and events. When I can, I get out on the street and photograph people. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my work.

  • I'm a PADI divemaster
  • I've seen real human skeletons in a cave
  • I read every day
  • Lady Gaga is my spirit animal
  • Brunch is my favorite meal of the day
  • I'm a mushroom hunter, and no, I won't tell you where to go
  • I ride a Biachi bicycle almost every day
  • We raise chickens
  • Avid paddle boarder and sailor 
  • I've adventure camped in the ruins of medieval castles
  • I can catch a rattlesnake with my bare hands
  • I have no tolerance for vinegar
  • I shoot on a Canon system with a PC editing machine




Gull means "gold" in Old Norse and in modern Icelandic. It also means a family of successful, scrappy sea birds from the norther latitudes in English. Together they make up the spirit of my work.

Gull Photo used to be Tyler Ray Photography

Starting in 2013, Tyler began Tyler Ray Photography. In 2017 Tyler Ray Photography transitioned into Gull Photo to accommodate a growing business.