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I really, REALLY try to foster a safe space to create and express yourselves.

That’s why there are no rules. My photography background is in photonjournalism which means that I’m always watching and observing emergent scenes. I’m drawn to this style of photography because I believe that organic expressions are more powerful, wide-ranging, and appealing.


In the end you’ll have photos that are heirlooms. These photos are of your families, the kind where you stand in a row and smile (and on the back are names written in pen), the ceremony and the emotional faces of you and your witnesses, they’re also the portraits of you two that you commonly see on my website and portfolio. Your kids will hold these up and try to imagine mom and dad when they were younger.

In my experience, memories of flavors, outfits, decorations, and places fade over time. As a photographer, I’m acutely aware of this and take my role very seriously with humility and honor.

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Photo credit ©  Lauren Lindley

Photo credit © Lauren Lindley

We couldn’t have asked for better pictures or a better person to work with. You are so talented and professional... words seem to fall short of how thankful we are.


I’ve been photographing weddings since 2013. Since I picked up my first wedding gig I’ve photographed 15-20 per year since and countless portraits, engagements, and wide range of things since. My work has taken me across the western US and to far flung places such as Iceland and New Zealand. I love what I do.

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  • I'm a PADI divemaster

  • I've seen real human skeletons in a cave

  • I read every day

  • Lady Gaga is my spirit animal

  • Brunch is my favorite meal of the day

  • I'm a mushroom hunter, and no, I won't tell you where to go

  • I ride a Biachi bicycle almost every day

  • Avid paddle boarder and sailor

  • I've adventure camped in the ruins of medieval castles

  • I can catch a rattlesnake with my bare hands

  • I have no tolerance for vinegar

  • 32 countries and counting



Gull means "gold" in Old Norse and in modern Icelandic. It also means a family of successful, scrappy sea birds from the norther latitudes in English. Together they make up the spirit of my work.


Starting in 2013, Tyler began Tyler Ray Photography. In 2017 Tyler Ray Photography transitioned into Gull Photo to accommodate a growing business. Gull Photo is still Seattl's top non-traditional and elopement photographer in the Pacific Northwest.