Photographer in Seattle, Washington

Why are your prices high?

Because of the assumption of privacy. Photography advertising is based on a portfolio and each event potentially leads to several more. If I can’t show those images to other people or put them online then I can’t use them to find new clients. My prices take into account this fact.

What is “assumption of privacy”?

Photographers rely on showing past work to find new clients. Our photos are our life blood and we hold them closely and post them jealously. However, I feel that when someone has hired me to photograph their family, for example, they shouldn’t expect those photos to be liberally posted on the internet.

Gull Photo seeks a different way of doing business with respect to your privacy. These photos are yours, not mine.

May I post your photos?

So the conversation becomes one of respect, gratitude, and cooperation, it’s “may I post your photo?” Because I do want to post your pictures! I just don’t assume it’s OK to post anything anywhere! In the contract you have the option of opting-out if you just don’t care (and not everyone does!), or allowing me partial rights to post some photographs. In doing so, I’m basically buying back the rights which is reflected in a cheaper service rate.

What if I don’t care?

It’s not a big deal to me if it’s not to you! I just want you to have the respect of options. I’ll be grateful to purchase the rights back from you, effectively lowering the price! You can opt to give me full or partial rights.

How Long Does it take to receive my photos?

Portraits and engagements are generally 2-3 weeks and weddings and elopements 4-5 weeks after the wedding date.

Between July-September expect a longer wait than other times of the year.

How many photos do I get and how do I get them?

You can expect roughly 50-70 photograph per hour. So for a 3 hour elopement ceremony and portraits you’ll be no fewer than 150 photos. For a longer 10 hour full wedding day you’ll get no fewer than 500 photos.

Download your entire set of photos online through a personal web gallery. It’s HIGHLY recommended that you do this immediately when the photos are ready. Make mugs, calendars, canvases, and all the things to your hearts content.

do you charge for travel?

For weddings and elopements within 200 miles of Seattle, No. For engagement and portrait sessions within 60 miles, again No.

Anything beyond those ranges it’s a case by case situation and depends on the cost of travel at the time of booking.

How do we do what the couples in your photos are doing?

None of the couples on my site are paid models, they're regular people. I stay away from rigid high school prom style posing. Opting instead for an organic, flowing, natural interactions between real people. I snap away and move a lot trying not to burden you with the camera. You'll forget I'm even there because you're attention will be towards each other and not what to do with your hands! 

How do I book?

First just shoot me a message on my contact form or email me at and let me know what you’ve got going on. If you’re planning a wedding and it’s on a Saturday then contact me right away doubly so!

A signed digital contract and an $800 NONREFUNDABLE date-retainer on weddings and 50% on other sessions. The date retainers are applied to the overall balance.