Photographer in Seattle, Washington

What does "full day" mean?

Just that, once hired for a full day you can kick back and relax knowing that everything you want covered will be covered, and I become the easiest vendor to manage at your wedding. We'll still have the timeline consultation and set out terms of expectations so that we're always on the same page.

How far in advance do you book?

On average 8-10 months in advance. You should still contact me if your wedding falls outside of that range, especially if you're looking for a last minute photographer.

Where are you located?

I call Seattle home. It's a beautiful town, really. It also has a great international airport.

We don't live in Seattle, can we still book you?

Yes you can. Within Washington State I don't charge any sort of travel and on the west coast travel is nominal. I travel out of state several times a year for weddings and rather enjoy photographing in new locations. 

How do you charge for travel?

It's a case by case scenario by doing a cost analysis at the time of booking and come up with a number that includes all expenses related to traveling. Once agreed to, that's the last you'll hear of it and I'll never come back with additional expenses.

How many photos do you deliver?

A lot, although it varies from wedding to wedding and here's why and what you can expect. I deliver no fewer than 60 photos an hour which means 8 hours of coverage would see at least 480 photos. Even so, except in rare circumstances I don't deliver more that 800 photos. It's nearly impossible to manage more photos than that and I feel that it's a disservice to make you wade through that many.

Will my photos be online?

Yes, or no, it depends on what you want. I live and breath photography, I pay my bills with it, and it's important that I can showcase the kind of work I love and want to do. On the other hand is your privacy which I seek to respect. Therefore, I assume the right to post your wedding photographs online unless you expressedly  wish me not to. And so, I conservatively charge $1500 for exclusivity for potential loss of bookings from your photos that I will never post.

How do we do what the couples in your photos are doing?

None of the couples on my site are paid models, they're regular people. Rather than rigid high school prom style posing, for the most part I'll put you into situations I think will elicit genuine responses and natural grace from you both. Ideally you'll forget I'm even there because you're attention will be towards each other and not what to do with your hands! 

How do we get you?

First of all, contact me ASAP with your wedding date, especially if it's a Saturday or Sunday. There are only 52 weekends in a year and only 12-16 during the warmest part of the year! Second, we'll meet up over drinks if we can, or I'll chat with you on Skype or telephone so we can get to know each other a bit. Connection is very important to me and to the flow of my work. Lastly, I'll send over a contract and invoice quote based upon our discussion. To secure your wedding date, I require an $800 date-retainer paid in the invoice and the contract signed.