Nestled in North Chicago in Andersonville is the cute, little, historic firehouse for Engine Company #70.

Firehouse Chicago is now an alarmingly delightful little events venue. Firehouse Chicago was the meridian, but was hardly where the story started. This is a story of faith and, fate? If you believe in such things. See, Marisa and Todd almost didn't meet a second time after briefly exchanging phone numbers on a jog. Because of dead phone batteries, no missed call was recorded and, for many, that's where the story would end. For Marisa and Todd and a dear friend of theirs... we'll I'll just let Marisa tell it:

We met on the neighborhood streets of Chicago. I was on a run, he was walking his dog. I passed him along my run, but he caught up to me as I waited to be let inside the complex. We exchanged conversations, and I boldly asked, "Would you like to go out sometime?" I thought, if I'm not his type, there isn't much I can do about that anyway, right? He said "Sure, but I don't have my cell on me." I called his cell, allowing my number to be saved as a missed call. And then we went our separate ways. I met up with  my friend (who had watched our exchange from the window at her house) and he walked on. Two weeks went by without contact. I wasn't loosing sleep about it though. I mean, sometimes you just gotta swing, ya know? Two weeks later, my friend, who saw Todd from the window, was out for a walk, and ironically enough, bumped into him. She said, "I think you know my friend. You met her in front of my house a few weeks ago." He said, "Marisa?" She said, "Yes." He said, "I don't get good reception in my apt, and her number never showed up as a missed call. She said, "Well, I'm her friend, so I can give you her number. " He took down my number, called, and we have been together since


firehouse chicago bride and groom portrait on stairs

Marisa - my first thought, squirrel, the quiz said deer. Combo of both seems about right for a spirit animal though.

Todd - according to the spirit animal quiz questionaire : turtle

guest house chicago andersonville wedding
guest house chicago andersonville wedding
guest house chicago andersonville wedding
guest house chicago andersonville bride and groom portrait

Her smile that lights up the room and her big blue eyes! Her warming and inviting personality that allows you to feel welcome and at ease.

firehouse chicago wedding ceremony alter
gold and glass geometric box
floral decorations by Asrai Garden
wedding floras by Asrai Garden
wedding flowers by Asrai Garden
wedding florals by Asrai Garden
bride and groom in Asrai Garden wedding arrangements in Firehouse Chicago, Illinois
bride and groom in front of fire engine doors at Firehouse Chicago, Illinois
Its meant to be perfectly-imperfect. Special. Unique. Comfortable. Cool. Boho. Whimsical. Flowers should be super cool. Furniture should be awesome for pictures. Vintage for sure. My dad made the arch we'll be married under out of 1920's barnwood. My sisters flowers will be natural & blush colors, the colors of the rest of the event are more bold/vibrant. The flowers on the table are described as shades of sunset by the florist (purple, orange, salmon etc) There will lots of natural wood on our wedding too, Barnwood tables, wooden arch, and the invites were engraved in walnut. Its not going to be all matchy matchy, just a nice mix of feel good. :) Also, the feathers in the boutonniere and on the table are from pheasant hunting trips with our boys (dogs) and Todd.

Speaking of the flowers, WOW! They are done by Asrai Gardens locally in Chicago.

an intimate moment between bride and groom
an intimate moment between the bride and the groom
guest house chicago andersonville wedding bride and groom portrait
firehouse chicago father and bride first look
firehouse chicago father and bride first look
firehouse chicago father and bride first look
firehouse chicago bridal portrait
bride's possey
groom at firehouse chicago, illinois
alter flowers by Asrai Garden, Firehouse Chicago, Illinois
alarmingly cute Firehouse Chicago
Guests waiting for the ceremony at Firehouse Chicago
father of the bride and the bride processional to the ceremony at firehouse Chicago, Illinois
groom sees bride for first time at Firehouse Chicago
mother and father of the bride
bride, groom, and officiant at the alter at Firehouse Chicago
Wedding ceremony from above at Firehouse Chicago
ceremony hero shot at Firehouse Chicago
Ceremony at Firehouse Chicago
ceremony at firehouse chicago, illinois
ceremony at Firehouse Chicago
First kiss at Firehouse Chicago, Illinois
Ceremony recessional at Firehouse Chicago
Ceremony recessional bride and groom exit through stairs at firehouse Chicago
Group shot at firehouse chicago
Groom at reception at firehouse chicago
bridesmaid at reception at firehouse chicago
reception space at Firehouse Chicago in Illinois
flowers at firehouse Chicago by Asrai garden
wedding reception at firehouse Chicago, illinois
reception area at Firehouse Chicago
Bride and Groom at Firehouse Chicago
Wedding toast inside Firehouse Chicago
Toasts inside Firehouse Chicago
Reception inside Firehouse Chicago
First dance at Firehouse Chicago
dance party firehouse chicago
dance party firehouse chicago
dance party firehouse chicago
Circle dance around the bride at groom at Firehouse Chicago
Bride & Groom at Firehouse Chicago

Chicago Wedding Photography

I absolutely love photographing weddings. I feel like I have the best job in the world. However, there are so many other talented people who put in crazy amounts of work to pull off the party of the century, every weekend. Here are the people you should know about.

Marisa’s dress is called the Aurora Gown, designed by Etoile and sold on BHLDN.

Todd pulled out all the stops and went for an Ermenegildo Zegna suit, and the quality really shows (one of the best dressed grooms all year).

We were blessed to have the oh-so talented Asrai Garden as the florist. (Scroll back up and look at those flowers and arrangements!)

The guests were sated by Hearty Boys and 10/10 would recommend.

This was my first introduction to Hoosier Mama Pies, but apparently they’re a big deal and they were the featured desert. Yum!

DJ Jess at Toast & Jam not only wins for having the most creative DJ comany name, her sweet beats took the house down.


I photograph weddings all over the United States and beyond. Inquire today and tell me a bit about yourself and what you have planned. I'm truly excited to hear from you.