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An Olympic Elopement

Tyler SquarespaceComment
An Olympic Elopement

There are many great natural features in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps one of the most prominent and mysterious is the Olympic Peninsula and the Olympic National Park. Prominent because you can see the Olympic Mountains from nearly everywhere in Western Washington rising high towards the setting sun if you’re in Seattle. Mysterious because even though they are only about 30 miles away from Seattle in distance, because of the Puget Sound it’s a 2.5 hour drive just to get to the eastern edge of the mountains. It’s another 1.5 hours to drive around to the west side where the Pacific Ocean meets the Northwest tip of the 48 contiguous United States.

driftwood, bride, and groom on the Rialto beach

The meeting place of the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic Peninsula at a place called Rialto Beach in the Quileute Native American town of La Push. The beaches here are pebbly and the driftwood is abundant. On this day it was raining and we start it indoors.

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Rialto Beach
Rialto beach WA on a rainy day
Bride on a windy and rainy day in the Olympic National Park
Wet shoes on the beach
brides bouquet at rialto beach
The ceremony site under the natural arbor of beach pines
reading vows in nature
upclose bouquet shot during the ceremony in the forest
reading vows on the beach
first kiss under the natural arbor
Just Married at Rialto Beach
rialto beach wedding portraits
romantic pacific northwest beach bride and groom portrait
seattle bride and groom portraits
dancing on the beach
bride and groom walking on the beach at the Olympic National Park
that pacific northwest wedding portrait
groom helping bride walk on beach
bride and groom walking over driftwood
driftwood at a wedding at the Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park can be very wet. You either accept what life brings you in this case, or be unhappy. Clearly, they chose happiness.