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Boutique Photography

Gull Photo boutique wedding and portrait photography is based out of Seattle, Washington and is the project of Tyler Ray.

Gull Photo Wedding & Portrait Photography

The key differences that set Gull Photo apart from other top wedding and portrait photographers:


1. Assumption of privacy

In a world where your privacy is being shared without your comfortable consent, what you don’t need is a photographer in your intimate affairs ready to share it all on social media. It’s my opinion that your wedding and engagement photography should belong to you. I assume your privacy and don’t share anything that you’ve not already consented to. More on this in FAQ.


Overextending, overbooking, and running a photo mill is a disservice to my clients and it’s not fun. In general, I only book 12 weddings a year and rarely more than one on a weekend and never more than one per day. This limitation helps me stay sane by ensuring I’m mentally prepared for each wedding day and each client has my undivided attention.

3. Easy to understand pricing tree

The take away is this: I’ve got you covered.

Rain or shine, I’m there.

Rain or shine, I’m there.

IMG_8132EK Tyler Ray Photography Rainier Chapter House 2015.JPG

Let’s Talk numbers

  1. Does your wedding celebration have 17 or fewer people?

    Then I call it an elopement - $1900

  2. Does your wedding have 18 to 70 people?

    Then I consider it an intimate wedding - $3400

  3. 71 or more?

    It’s full wedding by my estimation - $4900

Engagement & portrait Sessions are $500 locally (60 miles around Seattle) or $500 + travel. The time is flexible depending on what you have in mind. Imagination is the limitation.

What You Get for Those Prices

  1. For elopement you’ll get just Tyler. For intimate and full sized weddings you’ll get Tyler and an associate photographer (second photographer).

  2. You entire wedding photography set in 4x6 prints. I talk about why this is important at FAQ.

  3. Web gallery hosting and custom printing facilitation for you and family.

  4. No time restrictions on the primary photographer (me) on the day of.

  5. Taxes included and zero added fees.

On travel: If it’s local to WA State (200 mile circle around Seattle) then there is no added travel fees. Otherwise, if I have to fly or book lodging then travel fees are at cost and reflect the market at the time of booking.


inquire sooner than later

if you’re trying to find someone last minute, it doesn’t hurt to ask.